Thursday, March 29, 2012

VÍDEO: Adriana Lima "rouba a cena" e diz que tempo de gravidez é segredo!

VIDEO: Adriana Lima Rocks Brazil Foundation & Talks About Pregnancy!

Motion TV: [...] Adriana Lima is next to me, she has arrived right now and is the highlight... Is it your first time on Brazil Foundation, right, Dri?!
Adriana Lima: Yes, this is my first time, and is a pleasure to being part of this, wich is such a good cause [...] And is nice to know that, even outside Brazil, they keep up what is going on at our 'house' [...] And what Brazil Foundation does is a incredible work, helping over 300 brazilian foundations, over 500.000 people!
Motion TV: And being here you're helping too, right, Dri?
Adriana Lima: [Laughs] Yes, yes, it's a pleasure to help my house, you know...My people, my place!
Motion TV: And what about the career now in 2012?
Adriana Lima: A little bit stopped, 'cuz i'm pregnant! [smiles], so my priority is the family now.
Motion TV: And how are you? Alright?
Adriana Lima: Yes, i'm fine!
Motion TV: How many months are you?
Adriana Lima: Oh, that's secret! [Laughs]
Motion TV: Oh! That's a secret! Skip, skip...
Adriana Lima: Skip!

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    When she were my Girlfriend i would love her every day more than my live . . .